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We are a catering Hong Kong based company with years of experience in providing bespoke culinary experiences to customers across the city.

Day Night Catering’s mission is to provide world-class and eclectic cuisine to people across various budgets and requirements. From large parties to small home style gatherings, our expert catering Hong Kong team of chefs and specialists are available around the clock to serve you and yours.

Our exquisite catering menu is prepared by our Cordon Bleu Chef, with attention to every ingredient, preparation process, as well as delivering an unforgettable culinary experience to our catering Hong Kong customers.

DayNight Catering

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DayNight Catering

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A Customisable/Bespoke Catering Menu
That Suits All Tastes

There are a lot of catering companies that offer bland and standardized menus, which may not be suitable for everyone’s tastes. Also, self-pickup is often the only option, which does not offer a lot of convenience.

Our catering services on the other hand, includes choices for every occasion, including celebratory parties, like birthdays, Christmas, New Year, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day gatherings, as well as small and large corporate events. To spice up your occasion, our catering menu can include all kinds of delightful salads, snacks, meat, pastas, desserts and beverages. If yourself or your friends are vegetarians, not to worry, because our large vegan catering menu has got you covered!

We strive to offer the most customizable/bespoke catering experience to all our customers. Contact our catering service team today to discuss your specific requirements and we'll do our best to get it right.

Free Shipping for all Catering Hong Kong Orders Over $1,000

We have thought over every detail of our catering services, and we understand that it can be quite overwhelming when you are trying to plan an event and work out the logistics on the go. Therefore, we offer free delivery for all catering Hong Kong orders over $1,000, saving you the time to arrange in-person pickup, and exquisite catering menus that have you covered for every occasion, no matter the size!

Our Most Popular Catering Menus

Stuck for choices? The following is a list of our most popular catering menus, all prepared in-house by our Cordon Bleu Chef. If you would like to customize any items on your catering menu, you can consult with our team/chefs and they can make the best recommendations based on their years of experience. Our catering services typically includes:

  • Appetizers/Entrees/Sides (like salads, finger snacks)
  • Chinese/Western Style Mains (all kinds of meat dishes, pastas, burgers, hotdogs etc.)
  • Desserts (cakes, fruits, macarons)
  • Beverages (tea, tropical juices)

Also, our catering Hong Kong company can offer menus for different group sizes of just 5-6 people, to gatherings for up to 30 people, for any occasion imaginable.

Why Choose Our Catering Services?


1. Menus Prepared by Cordon Bleu Chef

Our Blue Ribbon Head Chef has a passion for delivering wonderful culinary experiences, and possesses a wealth of experience in the hospitality/catering industry. In support are a group of sourcing and preparation specialists that help make your catering experience that much more unforgettable.

2. On-Day/Same-Day Catering Services

Offering maximum flexibility, while maintaining quality, all at a moment’s notice. This is especially helpful for organizers or groups with fast-changing schedules. Needless to say, this is an aspect of our catering services where we have enjoyed much praise over the years.


3. Professional Catering Delivery

Delivering food in large quantities while retaining its freshness can be a tricky business, and can often be key to your catering experience. We offer professional and reliable catering Hong Kong delivery services, which not just ensures the food arrives on time, but you can also fully enjoy our chefs’ fresh and delicious menu from the moment you dig in.


4. Round-the-Clock Support

Other than the delightful catering menus our expert chefs have prepared, you may still want to customize one or a few items on the menu to suit your occasion. Further, there may be special packaging or requests that you wish to communicate with our catering Hong Kong team. Our 24/7 prompt and efficient customer service team is always there to support you.

Planning an Event? Reach Out to Us Today!

Ready to order professional catering services? Simply submit your order online through our website, or contact us today to discuss your specific catering or customisation needs.

Business Hours: 10:00AM – 20:00PM (Mon-Sun)

Address: Room B, 7/F, Hing Yip Industrial Centre, 31 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong

Tel / Whatsapp: +852 5643 0062

Please follow and connect with us on social media, where we post our latest catering menus and announce surprise, limited time discounts. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your next party today!

About Our Catering Hong Kong Services - FAQs

We currently provide Whatsapp ordering, online booking and phone ordering. Through Whatsapp, you can provide the reservation content, the name and contact number of the guest, the date and time of food delivery, as well as the detailed delivery address. Our catering Hong Kong service specialist will answer any questions you have.
Our catering Hong Kong company provides same-day arrival service, so our colleagues will follow up your order 24 hours a day. It is basically no problem to place an order one or two days in advance on weekdays, but there are more orders on holidays and weekends. We recommend that catering service customers make their reservations 2-3 days in advance to be safe. For some special holidays such as Christmas, New Year, Father’s Day, and Mother’s Day, we recommend booking as early as possible due to the possible large influx of orders during that period. Due to the limited capacity, in order for our guests to enjoy the best service and food quality, we also have the opportunity to close orders early on busy days.
If your party plans change, we can change the date free of charge under most circumstances (please consult with our catering service team). Guests only need to inform us as soon as possible, and we will have a customer service specialist 24 hours to follow up on your catering order.
We understand that each party has a different number of people and that this number may change due to a lot of circumstances. Also, those that are attending the event/gathering may have different tastes and requirements. Therefore, we offer clients an option to customize their catering service with us to give enhanced flexibility in these situations. Please contact our catering team directly for such requests and they can offer a solution that works best for you.
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